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What is Loot?

Loot on our site is similar to a raffle giveaway; winners are decided by chance. A Loot is our digital version. The big difference is that Lootlink allows for instant winners. Every time you roll on a Loot there’s a chance to win instantly. Isn’t that neat? We thought so.

On Lootlink anyone can create a Loot with one or many prizes and share it with anyone. Loot can be any number of things. It can be a blur_onDigital prize such as a Steam CD key or an eGiftCard. It can also be a fitness_centerPhysical prize such a fresh pair of sneakers or a watch.

What are Crates? How do they work?

Crates contain Roll Coins. Every roll on a Loot costs x 1. Every roll is a chance to win!
Every day you can earn a Crate by logging in and claiming the daily Crate found on the site's frontpage. Each Crate contains up to x 10 Roll Coins.
You can also buy Crates with Red Coins in the Red Coin Shop

How do rolls work? What are Roll Coins?

Rolls are roll attempts. Just like rolling dice. A roll attempt is you trying to win a prize from a Loot of your choice. Every time you try to win (aka: roll on a Loot) you spend a Roll Coin ( x 1). Every roll is like rolling a die: the outcome is random. If a Loot has a casino5% chance of winning it has the same chance as a 20 sided die landing on 20 (1 in 20 chance or 5%).

If a Loot is found to be illegitimate or contains fake prizes our moderators can cancel a Loot and and issue Roll Coin refunds. This only happens with enough reports or negative prize reviews.

What are Red Coins?

Red Coins are earned by successfully giving away prizes by creating your own Loots. They can also be randomly awarded after a roll attempt (see next section in FAQ). Red Coins can be used to buy Crates which in turn contain Roll Coins.

When you create Loot other users will spend their Roll Coins trying to win. When all your prizes are awarded your Loot ends and if all of your Prizes are thumb_up Verified you'll earn x 1 Red Coin per attempt made on your Loot. But if your prize(s) are thumb_down Reported you'll appropriately not receive Red Coins.

For Example: If your Loot with 4 prizes ends after 1,000 attempts with only 3 thumb_up Verified prizes you'll receive x 750 Red Coins.

You can buy Crates with Red Coins in the Red Coin Shop

How do I earn more Red Coins?

Tips for getting the most Red Coins from your Loot:

  • Advertise your Loot! Tell everyone you know who may be interested in your prize about your giveaway! Send them a link, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, wherever! You want to maximize the number of people who see your Loot.
  • Make sure your casino% Win Chance is aligned with the value of your prize. If your prize's casino% Win Chance is too low for the value of your prize people won't roll on it and you won't earn Red Coins!
  • Give quality Loot that people want. Make sure you have descriptive titles and pictures of your prizes. If giving away a CD Key or Code make sure it's accurate!

Random Chance Bonuses
Every time you fail to win a Loot you have have a

  • 10% chance to win a replay Free Roll
  • 10% chance to win x 20
  • 1% chance to win x 100
  • 0.1% chance to win x 500
  • 0.01% chance to win x 1000
Spend your Red Coins to Buy Crates!

What is Roll Fatigue?

At first each roll on a Loot costs x 1. After rolling 25 rolls on one Loot in a single day your next rolls cost x 2. After 50 rolls each additional attempt costs x 4. Roll Fatigue is to prevent users with large reserves of Roll Coins from rolling a whole bunch of times on a desirable loot. Roll Fatigue resets daily.

What is Sudden Death Mode?

Sudden Death Mode can be activated if a Loot runs out of time and still has prizes. When a poster extends a Loot's time he or she can also enable Sudden Death Mode. When this mode is active each roll attempt will slightly increase the drop chance of winning the prize(s).
During Sudden Death Mode each prize or prize group's current drop chance is multiplied by 101% with each new roll.

How do the prize reviews work? Why do i care?

Reviews are how we prevent bogus prizes from ending up on the site. Winners are able to thumb_up or thumb_down the prize. A thumb_up indicates that the prize won is valid and as advertised. A thumb_down is a way of indicating the prize was not received, broken, or not as advertised.

This system allows us to give users a reputation rating and appropriately reward them Red Coins at Loot completion. A user with a high star rating indicates the prizes he or she gives out are most often legitimate and working. A user with a low star rating indicates that sometimes there are issues with his or her prizes. Users should consider carefully whether or not to roll on a Loot if the poster has a low rating.

The reputation rating is calculated as follow:
Star Rating =(Total Number of Received Thumbs Up Reviews)/(Total Reviews Received)

Additional Notes: An unrated prize will not affect the poster’s rating. Users who do not give out prizes will not receive a reputation rating.

Can I merge my accounts? Why am I only allowed a single account?

Lootlink relies on every user only having one account to work correctly. We however allow you to login using several providers. Currently we support connecting with Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Google. To merge your Lootlink account with an additional login provider make sure they have the same verified email.

Users who attempt to create multiple Lootlink accounts will be banned.

What Prizes are not allowed?

List of prizes NOT allowed on Lootlink:

  • No prizes that are freely available to the public.
  • No firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition.
  • No illegal or prescription drugs.
  • No alcoholic drinks or spirits.
  • No cigarettes, cigars, vape pens, vape juice, etc.
  • No pornographic materials or access to pornographic sites.
General Guideline in addition to the above: If a prize is illegal to ship it should not be on this site.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Lootlink will not sell your personal information to spammers or anything shady like that. See our detailed Privacy Policy for more.

What are your Terms of Service?

See our Terms & Conditions pages for more detail.

Who are you?

We are Tristan Goget, Charles Qian, and John Dorman; the founders and creators of Lootlink. We're childhood friends who have long worked on web projects together and figured we'd try to actually finish a project for a change. Maybe.

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